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Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Their Way

Well in fact Lizzie's blocks have arrived before I posted the photo.

I found this an interesting block and thought it was easy so off to the sewing machine I went and tried to match up allthe seams and it just didn't work!!! Go back, read the instructions and they were not  meant to match, so lesson learned-read instructions!!
I did the blocks as individuals rather than thinking of them as a pair and if I had given it more thought I may have matched up my squares differently to give a bit morecontrast.
I can't wait to see this finished quilt as the variations in blocks is great so i am sure it will look fantastic.

Beebee's blocks are in the post as well but have a bit further to go so i am sure will not have reached their home as yet. I was excited to be sewing a Scrappy Trip Around the World Block as I am sewing  upp a top out of my scraps at the moment, and I love the randomness of it all. I thought it might be nice to include a couple of prints with a New Zealand flavour and after Beebes ok that is what I did.'

The block on the right contains two NZ prints-the shell print is the NZ Paua shell (known as Abalone in the USA). In NZ they are considered a treasure by our indigenous tribes (Maori)  as both a food and the shell is used in traditional arts and crafts. The harvesting of the paua is policed so as not to descimate the resource.
Also in that block the black print has a Maori tribal design in it. You will need to click on the photo to really get a good view of the prints.
In the block on the left the bright blue fabric is representative of the colours of the paua shell in a swirling ocean design, so a little bit of New Zealand.

Hope you like them Beebee.



  1. They look great. I will be watching for them in the mail.

  2. Great idea to include NZ fabrics Marlene