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Thursday, August 18, 2011

who's turn is it?

I have enjoyed making everyone's blocks.  My turn was July .It is August 18th and I only got blocks from 2 bees...I hope everyone else is ok and  can send their hearts to me too!  I sent out little notes in the mail to remind everyone. Just  gentle reminder.  I do not want to upset anyone.  Please, if you can not do the hearts, please mail my red and pink back to me if you can.  I need it for my quilt top!
hugs to everyone


  1. I'm a bit confused as to whose turn it is.
    I go on holiday next week for a month so who ever is taking the next turn mine will not be done for awhile.
    Beebee I posted your hearts a week ago so hopefully they are not too far away from you letter box.

  2. I hope you get more hearts Beebee. I'm still waiting for a few blocks from December. I wonder if they will arrived one day.
    Lizzie sent us an email about moving up a spot because Linda has been absent and Viv can take her place. I hope it all works out. We all get busy and sidetracked.

  3. It's my turn!!!!! I have everything packaged and unfortunately life got in the way, my packages, including my finished blocks for the last two months will be heading out this weekend. After it's mailed I'll post a picture of what you are making!!! (remember it's Kaffe Fassett)
    I'm sorry for being late!

  4. I'm still waiting for some of my blocks as well Sue and hope they arrive one day. The ones I have are brilliant but I did use up all my African ladies faces in the mailout so will have to improvise if they don't come home.
    Viv-will get your block done when I get back from holiday.

  5. I think we are all short on blocks...I think I have 10 from my month, including mine. I have certainly been tardy with EVERYONE'S (it's just been that way since I started this major weight loss program at the end of April...I think the first pound I lost was my brain...). I posted Kate's block a week ago and Beebee, your blocks are done...just need to be pressed, photographed and posted. As you are only a few states away, you should get them pretty quick! Now I know how I USED to get things done on time...chocolate...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)