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Friday, August 19, 2011


The last few months have been a bit of a mess haven't they? So it's time to clean up and definitely no sweeping under the carpet...! Viv has her blocks under control and please remember that we've moved up a month so she's not late but right about on time. Truthfully Viv, I think you've done well with a bit of missing finger for so long, glad it's all healed now. I will have my fabric ready to go in the middle of September to give the month between postings.

 Okay, serious stuff now. Can you all email me and tell me if you have blocks missing and if you have, how many? We all have issues come up and life get in the way sometimes, but I feel that in all fairness to everyone, we need to finish the round with as many blocks mailed back as we possibly can. We need to put some order back in the group if we are going to go round again in any format.

I need to also know if anyone is going to opt out at the end of this round? I've had a couple of suggestions for the next go around?? I'll put them all together with a few others and a couple of my own soon and post them up. I need to get that going in the next couple of weeks so that we can work out what's going to happen?

I've been a bit of a schoolyard bully today haven't I? Just so you all know that I love this group, this blog and you all....
...please accept this bunch of flowers for yourself, from one friend to another


  1. Hi Lizzie
    I have only gotten blocks from two bees. I will wait a couple of weeks and then send you the names of the ones that still have not sent their blocks.
    I have grown to love this group. You all were so kind to me and I felt welcome from day one!
    I sent out little gentle reminder notes to those who did not send in their blocks yet. I hope no one is offended.
    I am ready for the next round Lizzie...count me in!
    hugs from Louisiana

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