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Friday, August 19, 2011

It's me time!

I hope you have fun with the fabric I chose, if you have any Kaffe Fassett in your own stash that you may want to use a smidgeon of, feel free, it'll give it some more colour and pattern to assault the senses.

Above is the fabric waiting for packaging. Aren't all those pieces just a mind blower? Lets clash all over the place.

Above is the block I made...very simple, maybe a little boring but that's where you all come in! Feel free to make a block similar....OR...make your block totally random. I'm ok with it really. I'm not looking for traditional piecing, or exactness...want to make a square and throw some stripes all the way around? Go ahead...want to turn the square into a rectangle and do something that way? Go right ahead.

My plan in the end is to have my blocks butt right up against each other, no sashing. I want it to be an explosion of colour.

Thanks ladies! And again, thank you for your patience, I was saving the last couple of blocks to mail out with my material (save a stamp, I'm thrifty that way).

Luv ya! Vivian, Yukon


  1. I do love Kaffe fabrics. This looks like fun and will be great to get into after my travels.

  2. Yikes, I'm so excited. I have a secret box of Kaffe fabrics I take out to caress on special days. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to cut them up. I hope I manage to use your bits when they arrive, heehee.

  3. Oh WOW Viv, explosion is going to be the operative word, looking forward to it..

  4. I love these fabrics, but confess I'm scared of them. I will be brave and have fun with your block!! I have a few of his fabrics that I admire from a distance...afraid to touch them. They baffle me TOTALLY! Maybe I'm afraid I will LOVE working with them, then want to ditch all the boring fabric in my stash...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. beautiful fabric. love the colors. I am looking forward to working with it. I have never seen Kaffe fabrics before. I gotta find a place to buy some!


  6. gorgeous choice Viv...I actually have some Kaffe. You won't need to send me a packet, I have plenty of it here, unless you really want to.

    I bought my fabrics from etsy. I found that some sellers have bits and pieces, actually nice big chunks, on etsy, that is sold in scrap packs! That way you can get a great variety, and smaller amounts to play with for a lesser investment. Of course I fell in love with them and bought a larger amount from Glorious Color! Just type in kaffe scrap packs in the etsy search bar.

  7. I love the colors, it will be fun! Thanks Vivian for letting us play with these beautiful Kaffe fabrics.
    If you sent it to my address in France I will get to it as soon as I receive them. If you sent them to my Fort Collins address I will have to wait for after the 21st of September. That is when I will be definitely back to Fort Collins. Thanks again, fun project!

  8. Viv,
    Your block will be put in the mail tomorrow.
    That fabric was great to work with!