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Friday, April 22, 2011

Huge mistake on Marlene's blocks

Hi Marlene,
You must think I am beyond dumb....I was working on Melina's block when I realized that I put your blocks together the wrong way.  I made the center look like a box instead of turning the sides the other way to make it a star...I am so sorry,.  If you send them back I will pay postage both ways and fix them and return them to you .  I am pretty sure I can unstitch them and turn the sides around to make the star.  I feel so bad for not noticing until now. The fabric was wonderful to work with. 

feeling her stupidity here in Louisiana


  1. Aawwhh, Beebee, don't feel stupid, we all make mistakes..! It doesn't make us stupid, just human.... :o) Can't wait to see Melina's blocks, I'm still sorting greens...

  2. I will try to post Melina's block tomorrow.
    I just rebuilt my stash of fat quarters so I had lots of greens to pick from. The local quilt shop offers fat quarters for $1. It is fabric that is no longer made but it is Moda and other great fabrics. I buy several every time I go there.

  3. Beebee please don't worry. I have to admit that I did exactly the same with one of my blocks. It is so easy to do until you get in the swing.
    It will be no trouble to resew them when they arrive.
    The good thing about the block is that if you make the mistake it is so easy to fix, just by resewing a couple of seams.
    I'll sort my greens tomorrow and start sewing-it's going to be such fun seeing how all the blocks look.

  4. I didn't even notice!

    Good thing I haven't started mine yet, that's tomorrow's project, I'll keep a reminder to double check.