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Monday, April 18, 2011

Forgive me please

Ladies, let me apologize for being a "missing link" in the Bee Balm. I do have every one's fabric packets. I am not sure what has happened to me. I do know that I have been very absent and non-commentary and not getting your blocks back to you sweet ladies. It has not been my intention to be such a fuddy. I had allowed a fellow blogger to belittle me by not speaking up. And when I did speak up, it was ineffective. It only resulted in continuing bashing...mostly to my pride. I was frozen in myself, yeah, I know, makes no sense to me either. I guess I was feeling really stupid and very amateurish and not worthy of "trading" my talents with others. But I kept getting my blocks out, from all of you, and got that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that what you ladies did, well, it was beautiful and I love every single block. Because you made them for me. From your hearts. Ok, I think my selfishness has abated and I am working on your blocks. Please, please be patient with me. And if you're mad....please don't send a group email to bash me with! I love being part of this and will get off my dead butt and post some pics, but not for a few days, when I'm off work. Thank you so much....Elaine


  1. No quilt, blogging or berating police allowed on this blog-by order of the administrators...!!! Only thing allowed is cyber hugs and huge shouts of 'glad you're back' we've missed you....

  2. Well said Lizzie. So glad to have you back Elaine.

  3. Hey Elaine. Yea! You're back. I have missed seeing you online. I check your blog often and was worried about you. I'm so sorry your feelings were hurt. We are all friends here and we All need to be nice all the time
    hugs from Louisiana Cajun country

  4. Welcome back Elaine. No forgiveness needed, we're glad you are back.
    I struggle to understand how people can leave nasty comments on blogs-I didn't ever imagine that was what blogging was about.
    Hugs from across the ocean.

  5. Hugs from Maryland, too, Elaine!! I'm late with blocks too-stuff happens, and our mail sucks here-but we are the kind of folk who are not going to beat each other up,right? Of course right! Take the time that you need, we're here when you need us. I'm with Marls, I can't understand how people feel they can say whatever, whenever without regard to feelings. You just remember that you have cyber friends sending hugs and kisses.

  6. I am with everybody here too. Don't let anybody like that bring you down, they are not worth it.
    Sorry that happened to you Elaine.
    I will be patient as well.
    Hugs from France ,-)

  7. (((hugs))) Don't let anyone push you around, you have buds who care.