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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sue's trees

Hello my friends
This week I have worked on trees for Sue. After thinking for a few weeks I decided to go along the applique path.

My pattern is based on an antique applique quilt (circa 1840 - 1850) from Westchester County, New York and published in the 1988 Quilt Engagement Calendar  - the original was sewn in indigo blue.

These were needleturn appliqued using a batik fabric with a leaf pattern in shades of apple green and pale jacaranda. Sue, they will be winging their way westward to you tomorrow. I do hope you like my contribution.


  1. Wow, I love them. Thanks Kate

  2. OMG that is unbelievable Kate. I love them. This is a hard act to follow!!

  3. they are beautiful!
    I started mine on the left side of the band and I was not sure I had to use the whole strip, mine is very slow going (by hand, not sure of the technique, applique? I am using the button hole stitch but more spread out) and I am in the middle of moving, boxes everywhere!
    I will do my best...

  4. Fabulous trees Kate, this is going to be an amazing quilt Sue...

  5. How wonderful! Love them1! I was seriously thinking of the willow tree, de ja vu? I am thinking of embroidery...could be fun. Thanks so much for sharing, spectacular job girl, Elaine

  6. beautiful trees! They will be pretty on the finished quilt! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Your trees have arrived Kate and they are even better in real life. Thank you so much.