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Monday, November 22, 2010

It's not Nov. 30th yet!

hi, all!! Here are my blocks for Elaine-I made it before deadline! Actually, the blocks have been made for about a week or more, but I lost my camera somewhere in the house and couldn't find it. I still can't. So, I got my nephew an inexpensive camera for Chanukah and am testing it out for him....he'll understand. The first picture was really blurry (photography is not one of my skill set) so I hope you can see these okay; this was the third try.

This was different for me. I realize that I rarely sew anything in the green family, so my stash has very little that will compliment the squares I got. I hope you like them, Elaine, I did the best I could!



  1. They're lovely San-Dee, it's funny isn't it how we all have our favourite and non-favourite colours? If you asked me for something purple I'd have to go buy it :o)

  2. Well I love them San-Dee, they are just perfect. You did more then good, you did uber great (I have been waiting to use that word for weeks, you have earned it San-Dee!) Thank you for making them for me...Elaine

  3. They look great. Love this pattern.
    Loads of fun to do.

  4. yeah, very nice San-Dee.
    Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!