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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some more blocks for Elaine

Hello, all!  Here is my contribution to Elaine's quilt.  I got a bit carried away, but I couldn't decide which fabrics to leave out, so she's getting 4 blocks from me!  I knew Viv was going to be using some orange, so I wanted to add a couple of blocks to kind of tie it together.

And then, so none of you think Melina was alone in this(maybe something in the water here in Fort Collins?)--My first and second attempts with this block using some 2.5 inch squares.  Bottom is wrong, top is right, together they make one sweet little pin cushion on it's way to Texas with the blocks!

I liked this so much, I made three for myself to make in to potholders for my kitchen with some plain 4 patches for the backs.  I was chain piecing at this point and boy did they fly!

And last but not least, Elaine, here's a photo of some of my wool circles from you.  It will become a pillow for my living room, hopefully sooner than later!  Thanks again, they've been amazingly fun to play with and my 4 year old son has been organizing them over and over!

I'm really looking forward to next month's blocks--that's one way to stay on top of the bee--by being a month ahead!


  1. Tara they are fabulous and I love the sweet little pincushion, it's adorable. Elaine is going to have an amazing quilt...

  2. Very nice!
    You have great projects going Tara.
    This is definitely a block pattern I will keep in my favorite list.
    Thanks for blaming the water :-)

  3. Ok Tara, I am speechless! Gorgeous blocks, I do love them to pieces. And the pincushion..wow, you are something! I love that block pattern and appreciate everything you have done with it. It looks like the wool found a great home! Watch out, your son will become a fiber artist, just like mommy! Thank you so much Tara, they are all great, Elaine

  4. Those blocks are wonderful Tara and what a lovely pin cushion.
    I have bought some charm square packs to make more of this pattern as I really enjoyed making it.

  5. These look so great and I just love the little pincushion too.
    That wool is going to make a great cushion.

  6. Hey cool!!! Thank you for thinking to add orange LOL.

    I love the pincushions, I'm going to have to try that out myself. Elaine, your quilt is going to be amazing when it gets home.

  7. I love working with wool, and I'm thinking I might have a pincushion fetish! I buy them, I make them, they're everywhere!