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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I went out of the box with my trees!

And I really hope it's ok????
I took a look around me and thought that I should represent the Yukon a bit. Well, from a distance it looks like our mountains our covered in a lush forest.
However, our growing season is very short, add in a permafrost layer, and we're left with bushes and scrubby trees with very shallow root systems (big wind comes along, we're always losing trees). The only green part of the trees are the top half.
So I took one of my favourite bushes, the high mountain cranberry bush, to make my first block. Around here you do not go berry picking without the bear spray and a bonker of some kind. And make lots of noise! I chose the cranberry as the blueberry bushes just lay on the ground and you need to crawl to pick...with the cranberry bushes you can stand. Always a bonus.
Then I decided for my second block to use a baby tree. Our ground is rocky so I appliqued some rocks in place and then stitched two baby trees. This is how they look until they get to be about 4 feet tall. At that point they grow their trunks thicker and then sprout, filling out the top part later.
I hope these are ok for your tree quilt. Viv


  1. They're gorgeous Viv and how fabulous that they represent you and the Yukon, I have to get a wriggle on and finish my trees too....

  2. Oh Viv, I so love your trees! I want to come pick berries with you...I'll bring some wine!

  3. Amazing what comes out of the box :-)
    Those are beautiful Viv!
    Mine are growing slow as our move is progressing and the snow finally came to Fort Collins.
    5 days left in the USA, the count down is on...
    Happy New Year!!!!