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Monday, May 17, 2010

Did you get your block Linda?

I received your little block Linda, and had alot of fun putting it together. I was even proud of myself for mailing it...oops, forgot to take a pic, aagghhhh! I hope you like it!

I need to pay closer attention...especially to the giveaways out there. Jenny, you're having one now aren't you? I have one going on my blog for wool kits. You're all invited to pop by and enter if you would like. I'm off to Jennys blog...Elaine


  1. oops, almost forgot, gotta run over to see Tara too!

  2. Hi Linda, I haven't got any fabric for your block yet? Bit worried that it could be lost....
    I'll let you know if it turns up soon..

  3. Just wanted to say a special thanks for stopping by my blog today and for becoming a follower. I sure do appreciate it! I love the concept of your blog too. How cool!!
    Quilting Hugs,

  4. My fabric just arrived and I had a blast sewing it together, so fun and quick! I got to use a lot of scraps that I used in earlier bee blocks, which I thought was pretty cool.

  5. Yes, I did! I have received four blocks already. Yours, Shelly's, Victoria's and Jenny's. I'll post pictures when I get more so you can see how things are coming together. Thank you all, they are beautiful.

  6. Hi Lizzie, I'm working on yours, so I just figured I'd send them both together. There's no hurry on getting mine finished. It's not like I don't have anything else to do!! ;>)