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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

April - My month and the return of the Wonky Stars ;-)

Thanks so much for your help getting me to decide what to do!
I mailed the fabrics today (second picture was last night so the colors are off).
Here are two stars I made out of almost all of one packet (the colors are more true in daylight).
You can make the star however you like and you can add some of your own fabric if you wish.
Maybe keep it to 75-80 % my fabrics (so I keep some consistency) and you can leave some colors out if you wish, like I did on the second one.
Obviously I didn't think about the "bambi on mushrooms" ;-) fabric and so mine is in all directions. They can go in the round, be standing... it is up to you.
You will receive enough for 8 background squares (the same color) but you can mix that one up too if you'd like, not sure how that would look but I am open to some very funky wonky stars.
For the other squares (4 and 1) there is a lot of fabric and they can be jumbled too.
Have fun and add as much personal touch as you wish, so I can say, this square was Tara's, this one Vivian's, Jenny's...
I told my husband : "I am warning you this is looking like a baby quilt" and he said "well, you can take bambi out" and I said I wouldn't and the said "oh boy" ;-) We don't have kids and I am ready as you can see!
If you feel like making two feel free and if you can send the left over squares back that is great if not keep them if you like them (the plain ones are not special I know)
The tutorial is still : http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2009/02/wonky-star-tutorial.html
Sorry about this "novel" and thanks again!


  1. That's cool Melina, I'm looking forward to getting the fabric.

  2. Got my fabric today, but am heading to Disney world tomorrow, so I won't get to it until I get back! I'm hoping to get to the rest of my March fabric to get in the mail by tomorrow!

  3. can't wait to play! got your fabrics, and will play when I return from the sunshine! ;-)