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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sue and Tara - They're On Their Way

I have been absent from blogging this year but now it is time to get back on track-work has been soooo..... busy I seem to work and sleep with a little bit of sewing squeezed in.
I finally made it to the post office yesterday and posted off the blocks to both Sue and Tara.
Firstly the trees-I decided to make two different 'Forests' for you Sue-not the best photos sorry. I was very nervous about making these blocks- would you like them? what fabric would I use? would they fit with all the ideas others would have? I did enjoy making them and although they are not perfect I thought well neither are tress! I hope they are ok.
Tara -
This was an interesting block to put together. Great fabrics and it came together quickly but did take some time working out the placement of the fabrics and I don't know that I got it right in the end. It is going to look great with all the blocks together. Another badly taken photo- had it in the envelope to send then realised I hadn't taken a photo and now it's obvious I should've re ironed!
Awaiting the postie for the next challenge.


  1. Love those trees Marls and Tara's block looks great...

  2. Wow Marls, the blocks are great and I'm so excited about all the trees coming together.

  3. Beautiful trees, what great inspiration!
    Can't wait to work on Tara's block, love it too!
    Sewing machine coming in 1 week. Box to find amongst 89 boxes ;-)