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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Addresses, oh yeah

okay-I will admit it, I am a cluttering personality. Add to that all the unpacked boxes from my mother-in-law's house, Lill's move back from Providence before Tempe, Sarah's recent move back from school and everything that got shifted when the laundry tub overflowed and flooded the family room, I can't find ANYTHING in my house.

To insure your June block parts get mailed to you and not something I think might be your address, please send current addresses to my email: sno.wear1@gmail.com and your squares will be on their merry way. By the time we try this again, I should have my sewing room set up with a filing cabinet and desk, and I can be organized in at least one area of my life!


  1. Hey San-Dee, I have to admit I had misplaced mine too and had to get my spouse to find them for me...so it isn't just you, Elaine

    Maybe this is just a quilter thing, lol!

  2. Hi SanDee I am so sorry to hear about your little flood. It is the little ones that cause the most mess! I hope it did not cause too much damage! We had a little flood a year and a half ago. On Jan 1 of 2009 we went visit family for about 3 hours. While we were gone the toilet in the hall bathroom overflowed. It flowed enough to ruin the wood floors all over the house. We had beautiful 100 year old antique long leaf pine that was taken from my husband's grandmother's house when it was torn down. We could not save any of it. We now have beautiful porcelin tile in the den and are getting ready to replace the floor in the dining room.
    We decided to carpet the bedrooms.

    I like your design for your quilt tops. I can not wait to be part of this group!