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Friday, April 23, 2010

On a roll

Just a quick note to you all- Louis, my husband, had a small stroke on Friday the 9th and I've been dealing with that nonstop. He is being released from rehab today and I will be able to spend my time at home again rather than the hospital or nursing facility. That means I can sew again! Promises, promises, I hope to catch up on all my blocks this weekend! I'll keep you posted.

and if anyone EVER tells you that things mellow with age, tell them that only applies to cheeses and good wine! Life is full of surprises, so be ready for the unexpected.



  1. Oh San-dee I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your husband. But he's home again so that has to be a good sign. All the best to him.

    And now you have more time for yourself? yay...take care of yourself!

  2. Hi San-dee,
    Hope your husband is well and that you can both rest at home and spend some quality time!
    Thinking of you!
    I love your quote with the cheese and the wine, I will remember this.
    No rush on my star ;-)

  3. My heartfelt prayers go with you and your husband. I am glad things are looking up for him and you. Take care of you too, Elaine

  4. San-Dee, best wishes and lots of warm thoughts are winging there way to you and your husband. Glad he is home with you again and on the road to recovery. Take care and stay well.....

  5. San-Dee our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband. Thank goodness he is able to come home. Definitely make sure to take care of you as well.

  6. San-Dee, I'm so glad he's on a good start to recovery. My B-i-L had a stroke the day after Thanksgiving, and he was in the hospital for almost two months. Things are getting better, but very slowly. Still no movement in his left arm, but he is beginning to walk much better. Lots of prayers to you, and yours.