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Monday, April 19, 2010

Melinas Wonky Star blocks

Here you go Melina, blocks will be mailed out tomorrow. I was tied up:

a) fixing dinner for the spousal unit

b) finished them to late to post out

c) taking care of my new charges

d) just to darn lazy to comb my hair today!

choose one of the above and then you will know why they didn't go out today.
Enjoy your blocks and thank you for allowing me to play with your darling deer fabric, Elaine


  1. Thanks Elaine,
    I love them!
    I can't wait to start putting them together.
    I might ad more and make a big blanket, we'll see...
    so many possibilities!
    Thanks also to Liz and Jenny! I got your blocks and love them!

  2. Hi Elaine and thanks so much for the magazine!
    I love it. I am already making plans on having a garden loom (that I saw in the magazine) in my garden.
    I am taking a Navajo weaving class this week-end in Denver as well and I am excited.
    hugs to all,