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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

december block done

Here you go Solidia!

This was a first for me.... never paper pieced. I'm a free willy kind of gal.
But even I can admit this was a fun block to make ,
and I thank you for teaching me something new!

What fun this quilt will be when it's all together!


Has everyone mailed their November blocks?
I'm missing 5...
Wanted to check with you all before I go bother my postman for missing mail....
we have the worst post office...


  1. Looks fabulous.

    I mailed mine about a week ago, maybe longer I'm not sure of the exact day...we are in the Christmas rush though so international shipping may take a bit longer usual (which is at least 2 weeks normally). It'll get there!

  2. I doublechecked, I think it went out in the mail on the 3rd. I think everybody in Whitehorse was at the post office that day LOL.

  3. I love the look of those new blocks. I better get on it.
    I think you got my blocks already. I mailed them at the beginning of November :-)