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Monday, February 10, 2014

Teeny weeny blocks for Elaine

These are the blocks i've made for Elaine.

They look ok, i was happy with the colours and whipped them up quickly. too quickly I'm afraid! I have cut the half square triangles way too small and ruined any chance i had of making these blocks for Elaine's quilt.
Today I posted them to Texas with apologies. Maybe Elaine would like to make a cushion or a label from them. Maybe she would like to send me a bit more of the Moda Bella Stone........which I am more than happy to pay for and then I can right my wrong.
Why doesn't anyone in this town sell this fabric, I have called them all?
So sorry Elaine.


  1. Oops!! they still look good Sue. My fabric has never arrived and it's a shame I have no Stone in the stash.

  2. Sue, I got your blocks and love them!! Thank you so much. I might put them on the back since I cannot stand to put one piece backings. Thank you and you don't have to do any more, love these blocks!! Elaine

  3. I love the colors too Sue!
    Elaine, with your block (that I just finished and am mailing tomorrow) I got inspired and will make a quilt for my friend for her wedding gift.
    Thank you all for such great inspirations!