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Monday, November 18, 2013

December block request

Hi all,

I know it is early but December is coming up and I know how busy everyone gets.  I thought I would get my request out early so that you can work on it now instead of getting behind when you get swamped in the Christmas rush.

I would like you to make me a 12.5 inch wonky house block.  When I say "wonky" I don't necessarily mean that the house has to be lopsided.  What I mean is that I want you to use your imagination, creative juices and fun fabrics to make me a zany house block.

You can make me your own house, or a neighbour's house that is just too cool.  You can make me an apartment, an igloo, a houseboat, a cabin or a bungalow, split level or duplex.  Or even a mansion or castle.  I would love if you would put extras in - like landscaping and people.

Or animals...


I thought of sending out fabric so that there would be a piece the same in all the blocks, but decided against that as I think it would be too limiting.

Have fun with this one!  If you absolutely need a pattern, let me know and I'll find a few to choose from.



  1. love this idea.....I will start working on this very soon.

  2. oh this is going to be fun Janet. What a great idea.

  3. How exciting , I'll have so much fun doing this. Thanks.

  4. I have been looking at houses on a few different sites....this is gonna be fun!