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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A glimpse of my quilt

I've been playing with my blocks lately but I hit a serious problem.
I didn't have enough background fabric to sash it all.
I'd bought the fabric in Bali when I went for a single day with my friend Bev.
What a good idea she had when she suggested we buy bigger pieces and divide it all between us when we got home.
A phone call, a few emailed photos and a couple of days in the mail and here is my flimsy.
Thanks for the fabric Bev.

I'm deciding about the borders now. Two or three, plain or pieced, do I insert cornerstones?
Help me please.
Thanks for all the blocks Bee Balmers, I love this quilt.
xxx Sue


  1. It's beautiful Sue!!!
    I am a beginner so I cannot help too much with finishing.
    All I would say is that it is so beautiful as it is that I would keep the finishing simple to keep showing that beauty ;-)

  2. wow that is beautiful!
    It came out so pretty!

  3. Love it. I suggest doing a plain one the size of your sashing - same fabric if you have enough - and then piece a border of mixed up 4 patches (like the crosses). If it's not too large at this point, you could add another small plain border and then a print border. I am thinking you might just quit after the pieced border. However, having said all that, it's your quilt - do what you feel. Let it speak to you.