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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May blocks for Melina

Your blocks went together really smoothly Melina and they are in the mail winging their way to you!  I am lucky to own a set of acrylic circle templates up to size 6 1/2 so the circle cutting was a snap.

I am particularly pleased with the shoes :)  

Can someone bring me up to speed on June please.  If I'm received instructions for Elisa's block I've completely forgotten.  Is something coming in the mail or has she given us a link to a tutorial?



  1. Nice blocks Janet, I wanted to ask the same question about elisa's block...have I missed something? I don't think it was on here was it?

  2. You should be receiving something in the mail from her.

  3. I mailed instructions and fabric on may 24th. Nathalie - I received your beautiful block today. (I can't post to this site unless it is as a comment.)

  4. Thank you so much Janet, I have received your blocks and I love them! Yes, the shoes, they are great and the roses,... I love your black and white fabrics. You might not have many but they sure are beautiful!
    Are you still managing the Bee Balm blog Lizzie? Do we need to add Elisa as an admin. so she can do more than comment?
    Thanks also to:
    Bee Bee (I love the music notes on one of your blocks - my husband is a musician so that's great!),
    Nathalie (the eyes are great!),
    Brenda (I love the polka dots and the fact that you interchanged the square and the circle in each block)
    and Karen (the sheet music too, yeah ;-)
    thank you all for your blocks, I love them all, I love those pretty modern and more classic fabrics, the leopard print is in one of Karen and Bee Bee's blocks!

    1. Hi all, there is no reason that Elisa can't post on here, she's already listed as an author, as is everyone else. I've emailed her and I'll see if I can sort it out for her...