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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I think I'm Three?

Hi, all!  I think I'm the third one to post an "ID".  I'm San-Dee and I live in Bethesda, Maryland (the northern most Southern state...).  I am one of the founding members of this bee, and it's a pleasure to have a go at another year!

I work part-time as an accounts payable assistant for a family held company in information services.  It sounds a lot fancier than it is:  I pay the bills and do lots of filing.  In my varied work career, this is now the longest job I have held (7+ years) which continues to amaze me.  By education I am a teacher (English, Phys Ed and Health), but unfortunately trained in the time there weren't a lot of jobs available.  I taught for six years prior to my marriage and move to California, then I entered the financial work world.  I took time off while my children were small.

My husband works for NASA at headquarters in Washington DC.  Yes, we are space geeks.  His health is not the greatest, probably too much rock-n-rolling when we were young and lousy genes.  I have two daughters, the oldest is almost finished with her PhD program in Planetary Geology and getting married this October (2013).  My younger daughter is about to embark on an adventure teaching English in Beijing, China for six months.  She has a master's degree in East Asian Art and had been taking Mandarin for about a year.

I began sewing as a child and had two wonderful mentors along the way.  I made most of my own clothes through college, then took a break until the kids were born and I started sewing for them.  I began quilting after years of interest and reading and non-action.  I also do a lot of needlework, mainly crochet but I have been known to pick up knitting needles.  I love handcrafting (such a nicer word that homemade) and would rather be playing with fabric and thread than just about anything else I do.  I love that this group ranges all over the world and that we are drawn together by our love of stitching.  My personal blog is sno-wear, listed on the side of this blog, but I have not been good about posting of late-probably because the Redhead (DD2) has been using my laptop rather than her own!


  1. San-Dee
    thank you so much for bringing me to this blog. I have loved getting to know all of the members and am honored that I am allowed to organize the bee for 2013.
    I am excited to get started. I am hoping my life gets back to normal soon so I can sit at my machine!
    hugs from South Louisiana

  2. As the author Hunter Thompson wrote, "Normalcy is relative to the situation". Let's justhope it's the normal you want:)!xxooxx

  3. As the author Hunter Thompson wrote, "Normalcy is relative to the situation". Let's justhope it's the normal you want:)!xxooxx

  4. It's good to hear from you again San-Dee, looking forward to getting started. I'm just about organised...fingers crossed ;o)