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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've been so excited keeping this finish a secret .....

........but I finally completed Lizzie's quilt and popped it in the mail to her.
Thank you everyone who contributed, including Elaine's special friend Helen.
We ended up with 20 blocks which made a lovely sized quilt
and I'm sorry I did get a little
very grumpy
trying to hurry you all along...it was worth it.
Lizzie now has her own 2011 Bee Balm quilt.
Even if she didn't get it until 2012.


  1. Thank you everyone, I'm blown away with your generosity, I'll be back after the weekend to tell you all how much I value your friendship...
    I love, love, love my quilt....

  2. Very pleased Lizzie has received her quilt...well done to all those who contributed.

  3. Sue, you did a great job on the quilt. It's beautiful. I'm so happy that Lizzie likes it.
    Lizzie, you deserve this and more. We all love you!
    I loved being in this group and hope one day that we can all do another bee together.
    Hugs from Louisiana

  4. Lizzie's quilt is awesome! You all rock, and thanks to Sue for taking this on. It is really beautiful. Thanks ladies, it was a joy!

  5. Waw! It is beautiful! Glad you love it Lizzie, like Beebee said you deserve it for sure!
    Thanks Sue for being the instigator and for making such a beautiful quilt out of our squares.
    Can't wait for another future Bee Balm with all of you!
    Love you all,

  6. What a fabulous finish!! You did such a great job on getting it done and done SO NICELY!! Thank you for you leadership on this project...sometimes herding quilting is like herding cats, and you did it with grace.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. beautiful quilt well worth the push and Lizzie deserves it !
    I am loving this quilt!

  8. This quilt is beautiful. Love the log cabin quilt.