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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finally done Viv..!!!

Here you go Viv, I've finally got them finished... ..I managed to get four blocks out of the fabric you sent and a bit of Kaffe that I had and I'll put the left over fabric in the parcel. They are straight even though they don't look it, raining again today so I had to put them on the wall inside, they might be a touch oversize so I've left them for you to cut down and square up.. Hopefully I can get them in the mail tomorrow after I've been to visit Mum.... XXX


  1. hmm, I'll try to leave a comment here, wish me luck. I love the blocks too ladies. Maybe I need more Kaffe in my life.

  2. beautiful Lizzie!
    I am working on mine right now Vivian, sorry about the delay. I am finally moved back into our house in Fort Collins. Got an ironing board and an iron...

  3. I think we all need more Kaffe in our lives.

    I rec'd Lizzie's blocks!!!!

    I think I've officially lost track of who I've received from because they are a wonderful schmozzle of beautiful colours and fabrics up on my design wall. I LOVE them all!!!!