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Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Weekend

Dear bee balmers,

I have been AWE (absent without explanation) for months and it is now time to fess up. We have been dealing with the eldercare issues in Ohio on a rotating weekend basis, it feels like forever. Last weekend my father-in-law finally made the decision to move his wife to a care center, trying a week to see how she transitions to the new environment. Because of some changes, we do not need to go this weekend, and I have decided that it is now time to take back my life. I will be starting on make-up blocks tomorrow and hope to get a goodly number caught up and ready to mail.

As DD1 finally got this new hand-me-down computer to a point where I can use it, I hope to post pictures of what I finish up. I have not been in blogland since my post about Lou's father's day in June. Thank you all for being so understanding, for the messages of support, and for having my back.

Happy sewing, San-Dee


  1. Hi San-Dee
    welcome back to bee land.
    we have missed you!

  2. Hey girlfriend,
    we have been missing you!!!!!
    Take care, stop by when you can.

  3. You go girl, take that life back with a firm grip and hang on to it, you deserve some 'me' time..
    Welcome back and to echo Viv, we've missed you..

  4. Hello San-Dee,
    Yes, it's nice to hear you are taking some time for you, keep doing that!
    If you have a block to send me, make sure to send it to my Fort Collins address. I am moving back to Colorado for a while.
    Glad to have you back!