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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank you for my winding blades

Thank you Sue, BeeBee and Lizzie for my blocks. I love them!
Left and right two lovely greens from Sue, top  a brown floral from BeeBee
Top is from Lizzie, Left and bottom from BeeBee, right is mine
Playing nicely together

I've lots more to do but I'm very happy with the start.
Thank you!
Now onto some heart appliqué....


  1. Kate,
    this will be a beautiful quilt. Please post a photo when you finish.
    It was a fun block to do .
    Did you notice I used the same colors in each block I sent. I had made extra so I decided to make another one. I did not have enough of one color so I just mixed them up. I kinda like the look.

  2. I did see that, and in fact the original antique quilt is more scrappy like your third block, but I wanted to keep the instructions as straight forward as possible. Kinda thought I might be stretching the friendship??? It's the sort of quilt that I'll just make some HST every now and then as the mood strikes and get a couple done...long term project!

  3. I love it, I am in the middle of mine and my move ;)
    it is a fun block, I love how I keep learning new tricks and fun pattern ideas from you all.

  4. Kate, now that my finger has healed I'm sewing up a storm! I finished your block and it'll soon be on it's way to you.