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Thursday, August 5, 2010

blocks are arriving

Yay! First I have to make a comment on how our lives have changed. Do you remember when computers didn't exist? How did we survive?

Ok, I admit it, I was only 6 and more interested in smurfs and spiderman but really...how integral have computers and the internet become to our lives!

My laptop's powercord was damaged and has been surviving on black electrician's tape for a while...and then it just gave up the ghost. So I've been pretty much internet free for the last while, except for extremely brief forays on my work computer when I cut my lunch short.

But today is a brand new day! My new powercord came. Oh wow!!!! It's like the internet is all brand new again.

Ok, back to business....yay! I have blocks coming in.

Thank you Victoria, Jennifer and Lizzie. I love how they turned out and I can't wait to see all 12 together.

And Lizzie...you remembered who I am! I'm touched...thank you.

Ok, I'm ready for August's blocks, bring it on!

Edited (Aug 11/10): Hi Melina!!! Your block arrived, thank you. and I love your photo, it's now on my fridge.
Edited (Aug 13/10): Hey Solidia!!! Your block arrved today. Thank you, and the stickers are perfect.

I have now recieved 5 blocks back, thanks ladies!



  1. Just checking in, I think I might be off a month... but has Angie sent out august? if it's sent out I don't have it... anyone?

  2. No sign of her blocks here either....????

  3. I haven't rec'd the August blocks.

  4. No blocks here. I wonder when the last time she sent any blocks back...I never received one.

  5. Well then it might have been December because I didn't get my block from her either..

  6. Cool!
    You are welcome Vivian!
    It is still so fun to me to work on everybodies' blocks.
    I am leaving for France for three weeks, so my next block might be late, sorry Angie (it is your turn isn't it?)
    Are we almost done? ;-(