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Saturday, November 28, 2009

November block

Finally here are pictures of my blocks for Victoria. I finished them in October on the same day I received the fabric, yet I still haven't mailed them! Sorry, really busy month.

After I took this picture, I found a strip that had fallen on the floor, so I was able to use up more of those scraps. I ended up with very few scraps overall, but I'm sending back some tiny pieces to you!

Looking forward to December's block!

Also, the folks at the Block Party blog are offering tutorials and will eventually be writing a book on the virtual quilting bee. Check out the blog and follow if you want--they will be including some of the projects of other bees in the book, so it should be fun to watch!

And those of you who wanted to be in the second bee, I'm thinking January will be the first month, and I'll get that info out to you ASAP!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving--and a regular good old Thursday for Lizzie and Viv!


  1. Very nice!!!

    I haven't mailed mine either. I was saving up a trip to the post office to do a few things at once. So I'm looking at the 1st to get this in the mail. I also have two ornament exchanges due that day and the final rotation of my round robin (yay, RR finished) to be mailed.
    And I'm hoping to have my sister's quilted ornaments ready to go in the mail as well.
    See, one big trip LOL.

    Can't wait to see what December brings for our quilting bee!

    Tara, do you have enough people for your other bee?

  2. thanks for the link Tara, I really like the funky star idea.
    can't wait for our new assignment ;-)